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The Feels of a Backed Up BigCommerce Store

Dec 9, 2019

Whether the error is big or small (not to mention human or machine made) things can take a negative turn when your eCommerce webstore isn’t properly backed up. Why would you risk all of the hard work you’ve put into making your business profitable? A website that is down for hours, maybe even days, will cause you to lose the revenue that you rightfully deserve. 

The problem is, no business owner can completely avoid errors and mistakes that are bound to happen at some point to an online store. For instance, an employee that might have a vendetta out for you could maliciously destroy content on your website with no warning. Or maybe you yourself accidently deleted several pages of products without intending to. Or perhaps there’s a glitch in some recently installed application that causes an unwanted changes to your website.

Either way, whatever or whoever’s fault it is, your store’s website has still been severely compromised— that means data lost, website failure, and revenue lost. If there isn’t proper backup support in place, it’s going to be time consuming and stressful to try and rebuild and recover your store to the way you had it before.

You might be thinking: shouldn’t BigCommerce be able to help me recover from these kind of eCommerce emergencies because they have back-ups of my store? Yes and no. 

Yes—your platform such as BigCommerce will be able to protect you from data disasters that are much larger in scale, such as data breaches from hackers or server failures. However, no—they will not be able to restore your account after more minor (but still crucial) mistakes that result from human or machine error, such as accidently deleting a theme or a 3rd party app messing up your store’s content. 

This is why we at DigitlHaus recommend all eCommerce business owners should at least consider implementing and integrating a backup application. In our opinion, the best of the best when it comes to backing up your BigCommerce store is Rewind

Your business is important. That’s why Rewind does an automatic backup of your store, daily, to ensure that your website is protected from the things we previously discussed above—stuff like malicious attacks and software glitches like CSV imports that will be sure to ruin your day… Especially after you contact BigCommerce and they let you know that there’s nothing they can do to help you with these kind of mistakes. 

So yes, Rewind creates a daily automatic backup that will prove to be like sort of an insurance or lifeline to your online store—one that protects everything you have built, because obviously mistakes sometimes just happen. Such is life. 

If your online store experiences downtime because of these mistakes, you risk: 

  • Turning customers away 
  • Turning first time customers away
  • Losing hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in revenue
  • Lowering your SEO ranking
  • Losing hours of productivity
  • Losing unrecoverable content

If we haven’t convinced you yet that you should consider Rewind, how about we further explain the ways in which they keep your data safe, secure, and ready for any disaster. Their Rewind Vault (trademark) keeps your stored data encrypted 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about people that shouldn’t be seeing your data, seeing your data.

Dave North, a Cloud Architect at Rewind, explains that as a Rewind customer, you’re receiving top of the line security and that your data is secure

“As a backup provider, you are trusting us with your data and that we are merely caretakers of this data. We’ve invested a lot of time and effort in making sure that we’re storing your data in as secure a manner as possible so we wanted to cover the steps and practices we follow.”

As part of their hosting costs, Rewind uses Amazon Web Services, which does a lot of the security work. However, they do a lot of it solely by themselves. This is because they have a shared responsibility when it comes to the security of your data. 

Dave North further breaks down what Rewind does for you themselves into 4 areas. We’ll digest it for you:

  1. Human operations – They use the “least privilege model” which basically means that when access is granted to users, they give the least amount that those users need to get things done.
  2. Applications – Similar model as above. Applications go through a technical process where they can only access specific data. 
  3. Data at rest and data in transit – If your data is resting, it is properly encrypted. If it’s traveling across a network, it’s also encrypted and those technologies are kept up on. 
  4. Monitoring security events – They are up to date on all the tools and services that will alert them of suspicious activity regarding your data. 

Also, if you’re worried about legal requirements, you shouldn’t. Rewind is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

“Stay compliant with legal requirements in your country. Save copies of your data to ensure you have access to invoices and customer data for tax purposes. Rewind is compliant with GDPR legislation – all the data for European stores is processed and stored in Europe.”*

Another beautiful thing about Rewind is that all you have to do is sign up and let them do the work. You won’t even have to worry about a backup until a data emergency actually happens—which will not only give you peace of mind, but also save you a ton of stress. 

You can install Rewind in only seconds. Just go into the BigCommerce app store and select the plan that best works for you. Pricing for Rewind goes as follows: 

Free: Up to 20 orders/month

Growth: $9 USD/month, up to 200 orders/month

Pro: $39 USD/month, up to 600 orders/month

Business: $59 USD/month, up to 1,000 orders/month

Plus: $99 USD/month, up to 2,000 orders/month

Enterprise: $299 USD/month, more than 2,000 orders/month

We at DigitlHaus are also proud integration partners with Rewind. If you’re a client with us, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us so we can help consult, setup, and integrate this life-saving application into your store. You can wait if you want—but your store is certainly at risk the longer you don’t have a backup service application in place!

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