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Why We Use Klaviyo With BigCommerce

May 22, 2018

If you think email marketing isn’t important, ask yourself this: how many times do you check your email inbox every day? You can spend a lot of time scrolling down your Instagram and Facebook feed aimlessly, but you’d still end up checking your emails. You can hardly escape from previous companies email blast, newsletters, and promotions you’ve done business with. Sometimes, an intriguing subject line stands out from your flooded inbox and you just have to click it open. If the content is great, you’d even share it with your friends.

For online stores, email marketing is all about making your eCommerce business visible. You may not have organic foot traffic like brick-and-mortar stores, but your email campaigns can help reach and engage with your target audience. Even with all the social media platforms available, email is still the most cost-effective marketing channel. Email marketing generates $38 in ROI for every dollar spent, delivering 40 times more than Facebook or Twitter re-marketing.

But the question remains: which email service provider should you use?

At DigitlHaus, we use Klaviyo as our go-to email marketing solution. Most new businesses start building their email campaigns with MailChimp, but quickly realize its limitations. We recommend Klaviyo for eCommerce owners aiming for long-term growth because of these benefits:

Deep Integration with BigCommerce

Klaviyo’s integration with BigCommerce looks at all your useful store data, including browsing activities and shopping patterns. While MailChimp mostly works with Google Analytics and provides limited insights, Klaviyo can target your audience based on advanced segmentation. For example, you can target people who’ve viewed a particular product and craft your email content around these potential customers. With Klaviyo, your email marketing strategy can go beyond the one-size-fits-all routine.

Advanced Automation

Pre-built, automated email flows save you the time and hassle of creating your own autoresponder sequence. Klaviyo’s advanced filtering triggers emails based on tiers of relationships, assuring the right emails are sent at the right time. You can remove an existing customer from the welcome letters, or send a unique offer to someone who has yet to make a purchase.

Ease of Use

You don’t have to be a web designer to create beautiful email newsletters. Klaviyo has a large collection of responsive eCommerce email templates ready at your disposal. If you want to customize your email layouts, simply drag and drop with Klaviyo’s WYSIWYG email editor.  

Accurate ROI Reporting

Conversion is the end goal of your email marketing campaign. Klaviyo measures everything from impressions to clicks. Most importantly, you can track exactly how much revenue you’ve generated from specific campaigns. You can rest assured that your marketing dollar is tracked and measured.

Facebook Advertising

Klaviyo is not only limited to emails. You can apply the customer data collected by Klaviyo to your Facebook Custom Audiences for better targeting. Klaviyo can automatically update your Facebook audience based on the changes in your segmentation so you can skip the tedious task.


All Klaviyo accounts are free up to 250 contacts and 500 email sends, while MailChimp allows up to 2,000 subscribers for free. From a pricing perspective, MailChimp is a great solution for new businesses. However, if you want to scale your eCommerce business in the long run, Klaviyo’s in-depth data, A/B testing tools, and other advanced features are well worth the money.

Klaviyo is for eCommerce merchants who are serious about growing their email marketing. If you want to step up your eCommerce marketing game, Klaviyo has the right tools for it. Even if you’re a new business, it doesn’t hurt to start building your email list with a sustainable software. Schedule a demo with us and you can see how the benefits can apply to your business.

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