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Yotpo + BigCommerce Enterprise: The Perfect Match

Aug 4, 2020

What is Yotpo?

When you’re building a brand, you naturally want to do everything you can to create an attractive image that customers flock to and provide positive experiences that keep them coming back. There’s more to it than a cool logo and well-trained sales staff – you have to do everything you can to cater to your customers and incorporate their feedback.

This is where Yotpo comes in, with advanced eCommerce marketing solutions driven by the goal of gaining customers for life. Yotpo helps brands launch loyalty programs, encourage referrals, and cultivate brand ambassadors. They facilitate user-generated content strategies and leverage social proof to endear customers to the brand, increasing patronage and sales.

Best of all, you can use the feedback you receive to drive business decisions that benefit customers, and by extension, your brand. Yotpo’s reviews solution   allows you to garner positive customer impressions so you can build trust with the consumer public. This also provides you with the opportunity to address negative feedback in ways that improve your business.

With tools to gather authentic reviews and ratings, create custom loyalty and referral programs, personalize SMS marketing to deliver an engaging mobile experience, and utilize customer-generated content to enrich the shopping experience, you have the best chance to create an appealing brand image, boost conversions, and compel long-term patronage. Thanks to easy integration with shopping platforms like BigCommerce Enterprise, you also gain untold opportunities to grow your business and increase sales.

How Yotpo and BigCommerce Enterprise Work Together

These days, it can be difficult for consumers to trust reviews they read online. Peer reviews offer an ideal way to determine if a brand offers not only the goods and services they seek, but the core values and customer support they prefer. However, most savvy shoppers are aware of the fact that some companies post fake reviews to inaccurately represent their brand.

How do you get around this perception and convince customers you’re as good as your word?  When you add the Yotpo platform to your BigCommerce Enterprise store, you can quickly and easily start to integrate social proof as part of the buyer journey.

When customers look at a product, they’ll not only be greeted by dazzling product photos, but also customer-generated content, including pictures and videos of real customers using your products, as well as reviews. This level of social integration acts as proof of authenticity in a digital landscape dominated by anonymity and false representation.

In addition, Yotpo tools allow BigCommerce Enterprise users to customize the shopping experience for mobile customers, helping to streamline sales channels and provide relevant content (like social proof/visual marketing) at just the right moment.  This, in turn, builds trust and drives desired conversions like sales, referrals, and ongoing patronage.

Even better, you can display user-generated content via social platforms and use it in paid and organic search results to boost relevance, build trust, and drive interest and conversions. You can also utilize AI tools that gather and analyze customer reviews, delivering actionable insights that can help you to make the most of your BigCommerce Enterprise store.

Yotpo vs. Competitors

How does Yotpo stack up to competitors like Bazaarvoice and PowerReviews? First and foremost, integration is quick and easy – with Yotpo, you can hit the ground running with minimal fuss or downtime, while Bazaarvoice could take longer to set up. In addition, Yotpo offers easy integration with tech and social partners thanks to an open ecosystem, while PowerReviews relies on a closed ecosystem.

Yotpo offers AI-powered smart widgets to help optimize conversions, along with total control over AI-assisted content management, something both competitors lack. Bazaarvoice also lacks AI-powered customer insights, as well as an easy means of creating social ads through Facebook and Instagram. PowerReviews doesn’t offer easy, on-brand customization or the ability to integrate user-generated content. It’s clear that Yotpo has a finger on the pulse of what modern brands want and need to connect with customers and drive conversions.

Long-Term Benefits of Yotpo for BigCommerce Enterprise Users

In addition to building trust with consumers and creating an attractive and engaging user experience, you’re sure to appreciate the long-term value you’ll enjoy when you invest in Yotpo to maximize the benefits of your BigCommerce Enterprise site. Yotpo offers an integrated suite of powerful tools for visual marketing, reviews, and more to encourage loyalty and referrals.  This, in turn, helps you to build lifetime connections with customers, ensuring maximum value from every consumer relationship.

Yotpo in Use

BigCommerce Enterprise users will enjoy incredible benefits by adding Yotpo to their current online sales strategy, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Consider how it has helped other businesses like yours.

– Revelry

Although Revelry found online success with the BigCommerce Enterprise platform, they realized that over 70% of their web traffic was from mobile devices, and that they would have to pivot their strategy to take advantage of the limited time these consumers spent on their site.  With the addition of Yotpo, Revelry was able to optimize the shopping experience with the Smart Filters feature. Shoppers had easy access to relevant content thanks to the ability to filter by categories like age, body type, size, and more, as well as the option to peruse reviews from past buyers with similar attributes. This improved the user experience and built trust in the brand and its products.

– Hourglass Angel

Hourglass Angel knew that reviews played an essential role in the shopping experience for consumers seeking waist training products, but they didn’t know how to implement them in the customer journey. With Yotpo, the company was able to collect and display relevant, authentic user-generated content throughout the shopping experience, from inclusion in Google Ads all the way through to conversions. This strategy resulted in an astounding 598% bump in conversions related to click-through from ads containing user-generated content.

The DigitlHaus and Yotpo Partnership

At DigitlHaus, our goal is always to offer the full-service solutions that make your life easier, in addition to creating an experience your customers will love.  We’re pleased to help you formulate winning strategies using platforms and tools like BigCommerce Enterprise and Yotpo that push your business to a whole new level.

Says Alex Lazoff, Senior Manager of Partnerships & Alliances at Yotpo, “The powerful duo of Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform, combined with DigitlHaus’s expertise in strategy and implementation allows us to take a tag-team approach to ensure success for merchants on the BigCommerce platform. Our partnership has gone to new heights, and DigitlHaus were recently awarded ‘Best BigCommerce Agency’ at the Yotpo Partner Awards, a true indication of their unparalleled experience and skill with the platform.”If you’re ready to create the best user experience on your BigCommerce Enterprise site and enjoy the benefits that only Yotpo can deliver, contact the experts at DigitlHaus today at 850-687-1876 or online to discuss your current business strategy and learn what Yotpo can do for you.

Jared Pomanky

Senior Technical Strategist, DigitlHaus Agency

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